Chelmsford Market Basket

Chelmsford Market Basket Store #4 (Chelmsford MA)

288 Chelmsford St, Chelmsford MA 01824

Chelmsford Market Basket Phone: 978-256-0221

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Chelmsford Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Chelmsford Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.

Chelmsford Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Chelmsford Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on by Gigi H.

“I love my neighborhood grocery store. The employees are really nice and always go out of their way to help me get what I need. There’s a very impressive selection of Latin American, African, and Caribbean foods. There is no need for me to go to Lowell or Lawrence for my malanga, taro, ripe and green plantains, yucca, chayote, watercress, jackfruit, pea pods, whatever your ethnic food needs are, they deliver.”

Posted on by Kim S.

“Despite all the drama over the summer, MB still remains as my go to grocery store. I can find 99% of my grocery items and get in and out of the store without a hassle.
I love their international aisle with Asian and Mexican groceries. Unlike other large chains, the prices aren’t super marked up for Goya products as well as international sauces, etc.
When I’m feeling lazy to whip up a hot meal, the hot foods section always delivers. We like the kettle wings, cheap hot dog and fries combo, eggplant, and pizzas. The sushi is always wonderful and fresh. Of course we LOVE the ROTISSERIE chicken.
When we are in a rush in the mornings, the breakfast sandwiches are delicious and hearty for less than $3.00 each.
For lunch, I grab a few of their specialty pre-made salads with carrots and quinoa or spinach or beets and I feel like I’m eating a “fancy” salad for a fraction of the restaurant price.
Prices are always affordable. My mother who has moved out of the state almost a decade ago to CT still comments that some of their items still have the same prices as it did a decade ago! She was a fan of their complimentary coffee station and she still gets excited to see that its still offered.
Finally, you can’t beat the 4% savings until December 2014.

Posted on by Kayleigh M.

“I find that every Market basket is lower in cost and customer service first, however the Chelmsford MB has always been my favorite ! I believe they have superior customer service and are always on top of things ! Always more than welcoming , happy to show you where the item is you need, quick, and on more than a dozen occasions I’ve seen the friendly baggers help elderly , busy moms , and on the go shoppers with their bags! I really love MB!”

Posted on by Kathleen M.

“I love this place. It is my go to grocery store. I do all my grocery shopping here. You can’t beat the prices!”