Somerville Market Basket

Somerville Market Basket Store #28 (Somerville MA)

400 Somerville Ave, Somerville MA 02143
Somerville Market Basket Phone: 617-666-2420

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Somerville Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Somerville Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to you.

Somerville Market Basket Circular

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Our Review of Somerville Market Basket grocery store:

If you live in Somerville and you don’t already shop at the Market Basket Somerville MA, you’ve probably had a friend or two recommend it to you already. Demoulas is famous for their low prices without compromising on quality or variety, and shopping there can really make a tight budget stretch farther. In these times, who couldn’t use a lower grocery bill?

The information you need to know about this Market Basket location is: the phone number is (617) 666-2420, and it’s located at 400 Somerville Avenue in Somerville, Massachusetts. Store hours are 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday, and 7am to 7pm on Sundays. The local transit route that serves this store is the 87.

Residents of Somerville suggest shopping in the morning, if you can. The Market Basket Somerville MA is the best value in town, and as a result, it gets very crowded in the evenings and on weekends. Make sure you are in a good mood and ready to deal with crowds before you hit the store! Of course, the prices simply can’t be beat. Many people are slashing their groceries bills almost in half, without  compromising quality or variety, by switching to this simple, no frills to be found grocery store.

Great deals are everywhere to be found. From ready to eat rotisserie chickens that can feed a family of 4 for less than one person’s portion would cost at other groceries stores, to a variety of healthy and even organic food at reasonable prices, Market Basket Somerville MA has it all! On top of already low prices.

Employees at Market Basket Somerville MA receive great reviews from customers. They somehow remain helpful, competent, and polite even though the store is always packed. Other than the crowds, shoppers have nothing bad to say about this store, and can’t stop raving about the money they save on their groceries.

It should be noted that Somerville  Market Basket in Massachusetts is for shoppers who want to save money on groceries, not those looking for the shopping “experience.” The great value, fresh produce, good meat department, and friendly service result in large crowds, and shoppers can sometimes get a little aggressive rather than waiting their turn. The staff, however, are so efficient that even when the store is “a zoo” customers never have to wait long in a checkout line. Market Basket keeps prices low by sticking to a true “marketplace” feel—they do not have huge wide aisles, mood lighting, or any of the visual tricks that make you feel good in the store but also drive up prices. Rather, this location focuses on delivering what people want in this economy—which is affordable groceries.

Reviews of Somerville Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on by Justin K.
“My favorite super market in the world. I can’t say enough good things about this place.

All the produce and meat is really fresh, good quality, and most of all everything is so freaking cheap!! How do they manage these prices?? Everything here is Wegman’s quality and half the cost. It’s great.

This location is smaller than other ones I’ve been to, but that’s something I’m willing to sacrifice for the convenience. Check out the burlington one if you can though – it’s huge and just beautiful to behold. This one also gets really crowded during peak hours (evenings and weekends), but that just speaks to the quality of their goods right?

The workers are also dedicated and loyal to the company, as was demonstrated during the whole debacle of the CEO switch that triggered the company wide strike. I think that speaks volumes of the type of business this is, and how much they value their customer service.

Market basket, we love you!”

Posted on by Molly Simpson
“I love this grocery story so much! The prices are excellent and they have a great variety of interesting cheeses and a wonderful produce section. Only downside is it gets incredibly extremely crowded all the time and parking can be tough even in their rather large parking lot. Also sometimes long lines at the checkout but usually they do a good job of controlling that. Regardless, I love this store.”

Posted on by Antonina Antonina
“You know, I avoided Market Basket for years because I thought it would be nasty. Why I thought that, I don’t know. Just because it wasn’t the usual name. When I decided to try it, I was glad to be proven wrong. It’s clean, the prices are impossible to beat, the selection for food stuff is quite good for a store this size. The aisles are actually larger than the Whole Foods in Somerville, but may feel smaller because the place does get busy (and that human-ness is part of the appeal for me). Some people are in more of a rush than others, but I wouldn’t call them rude. I’ve dealt with people being more rude while shopping in the Whole Foods around Cambridge and Somerville. I mainly go to MB for their produce. The turnover is so fast that everything is fresh. They’ve begun to stock more organic, which is nice. And, they’ve got some non-Western produce that is always fresher than those at the other “ethnic” markets in the area. Lines are long sometimes, but it’s a perfect time to catch up on trashy articles in the celebrity magazines.”

Posted on by Liz – May 18, 2011
“Great prices; great selection. Until I stumbled upon this *fantastic* grocery store I used to pay too much for things (esp organic milk and OJ) at Shaws. I don’t mind the fact it’s often crowded — just more evidence that this is the place to shop!”

Posted on by Michael – Dec 25, 2011
“Always packed beyond belief. I find the store really pushes its store brand products, which are mostly processed. I’ve tried the fish here a few times and I’ve just found it to be bonier more often than other stores. I find Trader Joe’s to be priced better overall when you talk natural foods as that’s what I try to stick to as much as I can to stay healthy.”

Posted on by Christopher – Sep 25, 2011
“Not all that great for evening shopping. I usually go to the 24-hour Shaw’s at Porter (which I think has a slightly better selection), but I decided to give Market Basket a spin. First of all, what modern retail chain doesn’t have a web site? I had to call up the store one night before leaving work, and I was shocked to find out they were already closed! turns out they aren’t ever open later than 9pm. I managed to get there at 8:15pm the next Friday night, and the store was crawling with employees re-stocking, as well as a ton of shoppers. It’ll probably be better when the Green Line comes to Union Square, but as it is, the 87 runs rather infrequently at that hour, and it ended up being faster to walk to Porter in the pouring rain to catch the Red Line. If you live in the neighborhood and can walk to the store, it’s probably convenient, but people of the Red Line should probably stick to that corridor.”