Tewksbury Market Basket

Tewksbury Market Basket Store #8 (Tewksbury MA)

1900 Main Street #4, Tewksbury MA 01876

Tewksbury Market Basket Phone: 978-851-2960

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Tewksbury Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Tewksbury Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.
Tewksbury Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Tewksbury Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on yelp.com by Ellie A.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this location. The employees are very friendly and helpful. The store is clean and organized.”

Posted on yelp.com by Andrea L.

“I grew up with this supermarket chain and was lucky enough to grow up in Tewksbury where the headquarters is located. This review is for Market Basket as a company not just this Tewksbury location.

Market Basket or Demoulas like a lot of locals still call it provided most of the area teens their first jobs as baggers or cashiers and continues to do so.

The bakery is great and their is never a time that I have gone that I do not find warm bread and a great variety of baked goods, donuts, pies and cakes.

The deli is diverse and has a huge variety with great prices. The Market Basket butchers in the meat and poultry section are great and if you need a special cut, just ask them and they will do what they can to complete your request.

Market Basket supermarkets also have a good variety of seafood and fish from which to select. For the lobster and crab lovers, you won’t regret stopping in.

Lastly, the supermarket does a good job surveying the local demographic and will stock their international section to reflect the area’s makeup. Very cool.

I still love coming here to shop when I’m up to visit.”

Posted on local.yahoo.com

“come on down: I recently moved to Cape Cod and one of the things I miss is shopping at MB.In fact, I drive up to Nashua once a month to stock up on things I can’t get in the grocery store here ie: your meat market can’t be touched for selection and freshness.so please think about coming to the Cape..We Need You!!!”

Tewksbury Market Basket Store #22 (Tewksbury MA)

10 Main St, Tewksbury MA 01876

Tewksbury Market Basket Phone: 978-851-6211

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

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Reviews of Tewksbury Market Basket Store #22:

Posted on Google.com by Garrett Connelly

“Honestly, MB is the only grocery store my wife and I will buy from. When they were on strike, it really showed how much more the employees care as opposed to their competition… thank goodness they’re back!”

Posted on yelp.com by Elle B.

“This is my favorite MB to do groceries. They have very helpful and friendly staff. The store is always stocked well and clean. There’s fresh sushi made daily, deli, seafood, bakery, and even fresh made food such as fried chicken and pastas on the store with a small sitting area next to the floral area.

This store is located inside a plaza with cleaners, a bank, liquor store, Marshall’s, Dress Barn, Payless Shoes, CVS, and Kmart. The lot is large and and easily accessed close to the hwy and main rd.”

Posted on Google.com by Helen Ye

“best market basket in the whole state. very clean and amazing prices.”

Posted on Google.com by Rob

“Great store, all our stores beat any other local supermarket in price and quality!”

Posted on Google.com by csst/chris

“Great place to shop and great service”