Salem Market Basket

Salem Market Basket Store #58 (Salem MA)

227 Highland Ave., Salem MA 01970

Salem Market Basket Phone: 978-741-0986

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Salem Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Salem Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.
Salem Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Salem Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on by Travis A.

“I refuse to pay the outrageous prices at Shaw’s and Stop & Shop, so I always shop MB. Yes, it can be hellishly crowded, but in my opinion, the pain is worth the price. I usually go on Wednesday or Thursday evenings (after the rush of people coming to get dinner), and it’s significantly more tolerable. Weekends? Forget about it–unless you enjoy playing bumper cars with your carriage, and waiting in line for 20 minutes. I refuse to do it. However, like I said, if you pick a strategic time to go, the prices are worth it. I also find that the selection at MB stores are much better than Stop & Shop (at least the Peabody store), which makes sense given the high inventory turnover. For example, this store carries ground chicken, which I couldn’t find at Stop & Shop. I think the food quality is also generally higher (again, a consequence of its inventory turnover). Many of the complaints about this store seem exaggerated, or flat out elitist. If you loathe ethnic diversity, the lower middle class, or paying reasonable prices for food, then absolutely this place is not for you. However, I know that financially-responsible people will always shop here–even those who have the coin to shop elsewhere.”

Posted on by Amy M.

“Wow, this place really brings out the racist in Yelp users, I see. It’s crowded, it’s chaotic, and there’s no real “off” time, but it’s cheap, they have things other stores don’t have, and the produce is good. Much better than Stop & Shop, in fact. Despite the crowds, I’ve never had a bad experience here. People seem to understand that it’s a crowded/chaotic place and adjust accordingly. Go in assuming that you’re somehow “better” than the people shopping or working there, and it’ll probably be a negative experience. Or, know what you’re in for, prepare yourself mentally, and go in. It will be worth it. And I don’t understand the people saying the store is dirty. It’s dingy, the decor hasn’t been updated, but dirty it is not.”

Posted on by Adri Cowan

“The best prices and best selection of any other grocery store in the area. I always get twice the amount of groceries I do here vs. a Shaw’s or Stop n’ Shop. Also, great quality meats in the deli, and fresh, well-priced produce.”

Posted on by Jplecinoga

“Best prices around, but also insanely busy all the time.”

Posted on

“SERVICE IS GREAT! I just got home from shopping at the Salem store. I have been looking for this particular item for weeks. One of the girls there, JANE, was stocking the shelves. I told her of my plight. My goodnes, she was the most helpful person I have ever run into. She found the manager, and they both found the product in the back. Koodos to Jane!!!!”