BBQ Lamb Chops

Really Tempting Mediterranean BBQ Lamb Chops

When choosing your lamb chops, choose the longest possible cut, up until the ball joint if possible. The flavor from this meat will also be outstanding when cooked if you rub it with various herbs and spices that will give it that heavenly taste. Marinating it is also a good option.

Really Tempting Mediterranean BBQ Lamb Chops


6 long Lamb chops, untrimmed
8 Carrots
3 small Red onions
3 small White onions
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil
1 dried Red chili, crumbled
1 tablespoon Coriander seeds
1 teaspoon Dried flowering oregano
8 fresh Bay leaves
1/2 lbs. Bulgar wheat
1 tablespoon Runny honey
White wine vinegar
1 Orange
a handful of Pistachio nuts
1 Lemon
Extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons Fat-free natural yogurt
2 ounces Feta cheese
a small bunch Fresh flat-leaf parsley, leaves picked

BBQ Lamb Chops

Photo by colleengreene


In a mortar and pestle, put coriander seeds, black pepper, sea salt, oregano and new growth bay, then pound them together.

Sprinkle the mixture on to the lamb chops and rub it all in with a bit of Olive oil.

Put the lamb chops on the grill until cooked.

Put some carrots and onions in a tinfoil and cook it in an oven. Cook it at about 392 degrees Fahrenheit until soft, then add loads of bay leaves, some honey, orange and four tablespoons vinegar, then add some ground pistachios. Put it back in the oven until all the ingredients are gorgeous and roasted.

Lastly, boil some Bulgar wheat. When cooked, add lemon and olive oil, a little pinch of salt and pepper.

Plate the lamb along with a little yogurt, feta cheese and chopped parsley. Serve hot.