Danvers Market Basket

Danvers Market Basket Store #23 (Danvers MA)

139 Endicott St, Danvers MA 01923

Danvers Market Basket Phone: 978-774-3683

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Danvers Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Danvers Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.

Danvers Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Danvers Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on yelp.com by M.y. C.

“After going to Fl for vacation and shopping at Publix down there, I came home appreciating MB , ten times more. Not only are their prices the best, but customer service is too.”

Posted on Google.com by Maureen Driscoll

“Shop here whenever possible.”

Posted on Google.com by James Plecinoga

“The nicest Market Basket on the North Shore.”

Posted on yelp.com by Britney B.

“The staff here are so nice! I started coming here when I was 7 months pregnant and someone always pushed my carriage out for me and helped me load my car! I tried to give them a tip but they never accepted. I still come here with my 5 month old and staff still come to my rescue when they see me struggling! Plus you get food for less! It can’t be beat!”

Posted on yelp.com by Toni T.

“Only thing necessary to say is, if you’re looking to avoid highway robberies from other supermarkets, shop here!”

Posted on yelp.com by Amanda Z.

“You’ve cleaned up your act, I see that now. No longer do I walk in and instantly become frightened by disarray. Now, I walk in excited to be here, with your lovely staff and your cleanliness.

It has been a year since I have stepped into this particular grocery. But, I needed Mace (the spice) and called everywhere, absolutely everywhere in the Northshore trying to find it. After being hung up by a Hannaford employee, it struck me that I hadn’t yet thought of Market Basket. It took all of 2 seconds for the phone to be answered, another 2 for the transfer to the lady in the spice department and no time at all before she was saying that “we do indeed carry mace” right off the bat. she didn’t even have to go “check” to make sure. That my dear friends, is how you run a grocery.”