Burlington Market Basket

Burlington Market Basket Store #24 (Nordstrom Rack Middlesex Commons)

26 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, Massachusetts
 Burlington  Market Basket Phone: 781- 273-3673

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Burlington Market Basket Circular

Please Call Burlington Market Basket Stores and ask for store circulars to be mailed to your home.
Burlington Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Burlington Market Basket grocery stores from around the web:

Posted on Google.com by Michael Collins

“I love Market Basket, it is vast, high quality, and inexpensive. This location also has fresh squeezed orange juice by the gallon at around $8, much cheaper than Whole Foods.”

Posted on Google.com by Judy Appelbaum

“Love, love LOVE Market Basket. I never shopped there until this past summer when the news of the family power struggle was on the news. When I saw how loyal the customers and employees were, I had to check them out. And I’m glad I did. It’s everything they say it was and more. By FAR the cheapest prices around. And they stock items that nobody else has.”

Posted on yelp.com by Aaron B.

“This place is great. Lots of people working and still the best deal on groceries.
I was recently in the store on a week day, granted it was a holiday, and every check out register had a cashier and a bagging person. Not all the registers had customers so you could just walk up and pay not wait half an hour for people in front of you.
Great selection of groceries and produce. Good job Market Basket”

Posted on yelp.com by Petrovna B.

“The prices are honest.
The employees are sweet!
I drive out of my way a couple of times a month to experience an anxiety free feeling of not being cheated. The only complaint i have is that the organic section is lacking.”

Posted on yelp.com by phil s.

“I always shop at market basket it t is awesome for these things:

very good price , very fresh produce and fruit.

Very good quality on everything.

Very ,very cheap, relatively high quality supermarket brand stuff.”