Bellingham Market Basket

Bellingham Market Basket Store #54 (Bellingham MA)

274 Hartford Ave, Bellingham MA 02019
Bellingham Market Basket Phone: 508-966-3044

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Bellingham Market Basket Circulars

Please Call Bellingham Market Basket Store #46 (Woburn MA) and ask for store circulars to be mailed to your home.

Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Bellingham Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on by Mark P.

“I’ve been shopping at Market Basket for many years, at various locations depending on where I was living at the time. I’ve always loved their low prices and quality products. The Bellingham store is no exception to this. My wife and I live in Milford, and we could have a shorter drive to go to Shaw’s, Stop & Shop or Hannaford in Milford, but it’s worth the extra few minutes to go to Bellingham Market Basket. We save a ton. We really noticed this during the strikes when we were shopping at Shaw’s and Stop & Shop. Market Basket is the best supermarket in New England, in my opinion. My only complaints, like any Market Basket, is that it gets PACKED and this can be overwhelming, from the crowded aisles, long waits at the deli and checkout, and competition for parking spaces….. but it’s all worth it for the low prices and good quality.”

Posted on by Brittany M.

“Well they are back in action here and the crowds seem to be worse than ever!
I’m not keen on the setup but the cheap prices, quality market basket brand and the warm rotisserie chickens keep me coming back
The parking lot is miserable. I wish they’d open up a second exit! Stay calm and shop smart!”

Posted on by Di M.

“Moved to Milford a year ago. Familiar with Market Basket, whole Foods, Boston bakeries , shaws, stop and shop etc.. Lived closer to Boston. This store has fresh produce, is clean, has a great bakery staff (we used to get our pastry in the Boston area bakeries). MB prices can’t be beat. Stock is replenished well. I too, wish they had the cooking kitchen as the revamped M.B. on Middlesex tpke, Burlington, …..maybe someday. I am not a novice cook…. This store does not disappoint in variety, quality or price…..have shopped at the Whole Foods across the street in Bellingham (others WFs are better) can find some unusual items but on the whole?.. If Market Basket had a cooking kitchen they would be serious competition for Whole Foods, sorry but WF cooking is not that great in this location. I have found the staff and managers at MB quite helpful. Forget the parking lot, just deal with it, they are all the same at any MB because people flock to these stores!”

Posted on by Brandon K.

“Market Basket needs a location closer to Boston! The deals are great, the lines aren’t long, the store is huge, what’s more to ask. This is a great place to pick up groceries in the area of Bellingham.”

Posted on by Jeff H.

“The Bellingham Market Basket is the only place I go food shopping. While the parking is tight, the place is almost always mobbed, and the aisles narrow, the price and selection are worth it. They also have store brand products that, are in most cases as good as the national brands and much less expensive. I probably save $30-$40 a week had I shopped at Shaws or Stop and Shop.

My only complaint is the odor in the seafood area. While I have to believe they meet health department standards, management should really do something about this. The store could use some upgrading aesthetically.”