Woburn Market Basket

Woburn Market Basket Store #20 (Woburn MA)

310 Mishawum Rd, Woburn MA 01801

Woburn Market Basket Phone: 781-933-0086

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Woburn Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Woburn Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.
Woburn Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Woburn Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on Google.com by Dalia Valencia

“Great prices, and great staff”

Posted on yelp.com by Sarah M.

“Come on!!!! I do my regular shopping here. This weekend with a storm coming was nuts. With two kids in tow I was freaking. All was great.. The manager here who is AWESOME had everything well managed. Thank you!!!!!!!”

Posted on yelp.com by Katie D.

“This Market Basket is the one I go to when i’m at work. When they had this sign lit up with only ATAT (meaning Artie T) i felt so proud of the workers I had to photograph it! So glad to be back!”

Posted on Google.com

“I shop at the Woburn Market Basket almost every week. I drive there from Boston because they have great prices, the store is clean, and the employees are very nice. The manager that works on Saturdays is awesome, he is always making announcements over the loud speaking letting customers know what is on sale, when the bread is just put out fresh, etc. The baggers will always offer to help you out to your car with your groceries if you have alot in your cart. The only area I think Woburn Market Basket could improve on is training the baggers better with regard to what should and should not be bagged together. For example, nothing should be put in a bag that has meat in it, but I’ve had my groceries bagged with meat, and boxes of dry goods placed in the same bag. Then the meat leaks out of the package and gets all over the box of crackers or whatever it is. That should not happen. If I see them doing it I will ask them to not do that. If I don’t see them do it then I will try to catch it before I load the stuff in my car. Other than that one negative, I have nothing bad to say about this store”

Posted on Google.com by shawn

“I have worked at MB for almost 5 yrs. And I have experienced nothing but gratitude from this store. Mb cares about its customers and its employees so much. Giving about 4 bonuses a yr to employees and giving he cheapest prices possible to all customers. The store I work at Wilmington #3 is like family. Whether its to our customers or each employee. We have fun and take very good care of our customers. I cant tell you how many customers I am on a first name basis with. Now maybe MB doesn’t have the most premium meats or fruits. But i can tell you that they are decent and you wont get sick by eating them. They are just a cheaper product. And that’s why you pay through the nose a other stores. MB offers great selections from FRESH SUSHI (we literally have a Japanese guy making it behind the counter) and customers have told me that it is better than restaurant quality and at a much cheaper price. We also have a huge selection of stop and go foods from an area where you can order food and have them make it to an area of pre-made things. Why shop anywhere else for groceries when you can buy the EXACT same items for a much lower price. When I used to work upfront customers used to ask if we had a “discount card” and we dont b/c we already offer the lowest prices. I hope this clears up any questions about any of the other comments on the internet. And coming from behind the scenes in this company i think i may know better than most customers who had one bad experience at MB. Thanks for always shopping a the ‘store where you get more for your dollar’.”

Posted on local.yahoo.com by Rossettos

“This is the only supermarket I shop at when I visit my parents from New York City. My criteria are are quality and price, in good balance.

For instance, the same quart of Spring Tree Pure Grade A dark amber maple syrup which sells for $20 in NYC sells for $10 at the Woburn Market Basket. They have beautiful apples for $0.99/lb and yesterday I got polar 1 liter sodas for $0.75 each, not to mentioned the live Maine lobsters for $5.99/lb.

There are other stores I could go to closer to home, such as Stop & Shop, but I go out of my way to go to Market Basket. Their recent store renovation adds to the shopping experience.”

Happy shopping,