Plaistow Market Basket

Plaistow Market Basket Store #25 (Plaistow NH)

34 Plaistow Rd, Plaistow NH 03865

Plaistow Market Basket Phone: 603-382-4190

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

Plaistow Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call Plaistow Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.

Plaistow Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of Plaistow Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on by Donna B.

“The best part about this store is the employees. I’m not just saying so because of the recent brouhaha either. I have always been impressed by the willingness of the deli, fish, meat and produce workers to go the extra mile to make my shopping experience a good one. Any worker there, if asked about the availability or whereabouts of an item, will help you find it or go out back to see if a new shipment has come in if it’s out of stock. When it’s pouring rain outside, management has employees available at the door to accompany you to your car with an umbrella.

The store is showing its age, but honestly I like its smaller size because it carries groceries and doesn’t try to be WalMart by carrying lots of non-grocery items.

Their fish selection is especially nice (and so is the young lady who often waits on me there). Yesterday to honor the boycott I went to a Hannaford’s. The only fresh (not previously frozen)and wild caught (not farm raised) fish available was swordfish at $13.99/lb. I am also suspicious of the fish they sell pre-marinated — old, perhaps?

I once asked for them to carry an item and there it was a month or so later.

Anyway I hope the current issue is settled soon because I miss shopping at my Market Basket.”

Posted on by rachel israel

“This is the cheapest place and carries a lot of organic products. They aren’t in a special section though so you have to hunt. Raw cheese, spray coconut oil, organic beef, etc.”

Posted on by Gene

“super busy store, best prices and worth the wait, their store brand meats can’t be beat, excellent quality and very helpful workers, I’ve been shopping here for 20 years.”

Posted on by Heidi

“Cheapest grocery store in the area. They may not always have the shelves well stocked but you can’t beat the prices.”