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Discover How To Clean Leather Materials Effectively [Tips and Tricks]

Leather is one of the most expensive materials used in making wallets, bags, shoes, chairs, and other helpful things. Though very expensive, a lot of people still buy leather-made things because of its strong and sturdy built.

However, like most materials, leather is very vulnerable to dirt. You wouldn’t want your expensive wallet, bags and other leather-made possessions to get stained and dirty. Aside from its very expensive price, leather is very rarely found nowadays. This is why if you own anything made of leather, you have to be very careful not to spill a cup of coffee on it or put it in the wrong place.

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Cleaning leather is difficult because you need to consider many factors. You must know what kind of leather you have to clean so as not to make its condition worse than it is already in.

Considering that your leather is subject to dust, dirt and different kind of stains, here are some tips that will help you clean your favorite leather material belongings. These procedures are only few of the many things you could do to innovatively clean your leather, however, these tips are only some of the most effective ones.

How To Clean Leather Shoes

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A clean pair of shoes is one thing, but it is another when you have clean, shiny, new-looking leather shoes.
Here are some ways to clean your leather shoes:

  1. Wipe Away Dirt Build-upRemove all large particles of dirt on the surface of the leather shoes. Use a clean dry cloth to remove soil and dirt residue.
  2. Soap and a Damp Cloth
    To thoroughly clean the surface of your leather shoes, use a piece of cloth and mild hand soap. Dampen a piece of cloth with water and lather a small amount of soap on the edges of the shoes. Rub the damp cloth on the sides where the soap was lathered to clean the dirt that was not removed from the initial cleaning procedure.
  3. Rinse
    When ‘rinsing’ the leather shoes, do not soak them wet or rinse them with running water. What you need to do is dampen another piece of cloth and rub it on the leather to remove soap residue and dirt from the surface.
  4. Dry it up
    Get another piece of cloth that is totally dry and pat dry the surface of the leather. Air dry your leather shoes so that they won’t feel uncomfortable when worn.
  5. Shine
    What makes leather shoes unique is that they shine like the stars when struck by light. In order to maximize this glimmering effect, dampen a cloth with a little bit of olive oil or a shoe shiner and then apply it on the surface of your leather shoes. The shinier they get the better.

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How To Clean Leather Purses and Bags

What if your most expensive leather purses and bag gets ruined by dirt?
Worry no more! Here are some easy tips on how to clean your leather purse and bag effectively.

  1. leather purse photoEmpty your Leather Purse and Bag
    The first tip for cleaning your leather purse and bag is to make sure that it is empty so that your belongings will not be damaged during the cleaning process.
  2. Open and Unzip
    Open your purse and bag wide enough and unzip all the interior zippers or compartments. Hold it upside down to remove all undesired contents and unwanted pieces of matter by shaking it vigorously.
  3. Precleaning Wipe
    Gently wipe the exterior of your leather purse or bag with a soft cloth to avoid damage.
  4. Use a Cleaner
    Use a few drops of liquid soap mixed with two cups of distilled water. Mix until suds form.
    Dip a clean cloth in the mixture and use it to rub gently on the surface of the leather. Wipe the surface a few times to get rid of any existing stains.
  5. Wipe it Dry
    After removing the stain, use another clean cloth to wipe it dry and to remove any soap residue on the surface of your leather purse and bag.
  6. Leave it be
    Leave it in an area that is clean and wait for it to actually dry itself to be ready for your use.

How To Clean Leather Gloves

Leather gloves can give us much comfort when we drive vehicles. They are easy to wear and soft on the skin. They can also be used with formal suits, and even during operations and surgery.

Leather gloves are not safe from dirt and stains that we get when we use them. Thankfully, there are some easy tips on how to properly clean your leather gloves.

  1. leather-glovesUse an Oil-Based Soap
    To clean your leather gloves, you can trust oil-based soaps to do the job. Oil based soaps are effective to eradicate the stains that can be found externally on your gloves. Soap bubbles also help in eliminating germs and bacteria that can cause sickness.
  2. Use a Microfiber Cloth
    After washing the gloves, let them dry by using a clean cloth. Make sure that is the cloth is already dry. Wipe the gloves with a microfiber cloth. This will make your leather gloves shine and look polished.
  3. Starch and Baking Soda are a Good Combination
    After polishing your leather gloves, you can use starch and baking soda to clean them. Just sprinkle a light amount onto the gloves to make them fresh and clean.
    Note: Starch is known to absorb the oil that your gloves might still have and baking soda is known to absorb bad odors. The combination of these two will leave your gloves in very good condition.
  4. Disinfecting the Inside
    The inner side of your leather gloves is where you put your hands in. This area may be disinfected with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Remember to only use a considerable amount to avoid getting the inside wet and slimy.

Here is a video demonstration on how to effectively clean your leather gloves:

How To Clean Leather Chair

Leather furniture can look bad with dirt, mold, ballpoint ink, and other stains.

You can clean up the build up with very little time by following the instructions below.

  1. leather sofa photoKnow the Kind of Leather
    Know the kind of leather your chair is made of by looking at the tags attached to your leather chair. It can also be written in the manual or any written format you are provided with your furniture. If you cannot find any of these, you can contact the retailer and/or the manufacturer.The importance of doing this is that you can refer to the materials that they gave to know how to properly clean your leather chair.
  2. Use a Vacuum CleanerVacuum the leather chair first. Be wise and utilize the softer brush attached to the vacuum cleaner to avoid putting marks on the leather.
  3. Make a Paste
    Make a paste to clean your leather chair. Use a few drops of liquid soap of your preference and mix it with a quart of water (distilled). Mix it until the suds are seen.Note: It is advisable to use distilled water rather than tap water because the latter may contain chlorine and other contaminants that may have a negative effect on your leather chair.
  4. Test the Paste
    When you apply the paste on the furniture, it is important that you test it first on a small portion of the leather in a place that is somewhat inconspicuous. This way you can assess the level of concentration of your paste and whether or not it is strong enough your leather chair.
  5. For Slightly Stained Areas
    Dip a clean rag into soapy water and wring it thoroughly to prevent severely wetting the leather. Wipe it gently on the area. Make sure you do one portion at a time.Get another clean rag, dip it in distilled water (without soap) and wring it thoroughly. Gently wipe the soap residue of the leather chair.Use another clean rag to dry the leather thoroughly and utilize another clean rag to buff the surface of the leather and restore its shine.
  6. For Dark, Stubborn Stains
    Make a paste from a mixture of one part cream of tartar and one part lemon juice.Rub the paste on the stained portion and leave it for 10 minutes. Then use a damp rag and moisturizing soap to remove the paste. To buff the leather dry, use a soft cloth.
  7. For Grease Stains
    Cleaning leather chairs with grease stains is easy since you only have to wipe the stained spot using a dry cloth.Note: You must never treat grease-stained leather with water. This will not be effective and may ruin your leather chair.
  8. For Ink Stains
    Removing an ink stain from your leather chair is possible by just spraying a small amount of aerosol hairspray on the stained portion and using a soft cloth to wipe it dry.
  9. Maintenance
    To maintain the state of cleanliness of your leather chair, regularly vacuum and dust. Also, when a stain appears on the leather, clean it immediately.

Here is an awesome video demonstration on cleaning leather chairs and other furniture properly:

How To Clean Leather Sofa

Leather couches and sofas add elegance and luxury to your home décor. When matched with fancy wallpapers and expensive interior design, sofas and couches add a touch of sophistication no matter how simple a house is.
However, sofas and couches may also be vulnerable to stains and dirt. This is precisely the reason why maintaining their luxury could be a hard and tricky task. Wiping it down with a wet cloth is one thing, but it isn’t enough. Using synthetic cleaners may harm and ruin these expensive things.
Hence, what you need is a homemade cleaner that is gentle yet effective in removing stains and dirt on the leather’s surface. How do you do this? It’s very simple.

  1. Uleather sofa photose a Vacuum Cleaner
    Start off by using a vacuum cleaner to clean the leather couch or sofa. This is to ensure that big particles of soil, dust and other forms of dirt are removed from the surface. This is also helpful to prevent dust and dirt from spreading when wiped with a cleaning solution. Mixing dust with liquid is dangerous and may damage the sofa’s surfaces.
  2. Mix the Solution
    The ingredients of the solution is very simple and easy to find. You’ll need only white vinegar and water. To create the solution, mix equal parts of white vinegar with water. If these are not available, commercial leather cleaners will work, but they are more dangerous to your health because of the synthetic ingredients.
  3. Clean the surface
    Find a small piece of cloth or sponge and dip it in the solution you made earlier. Rub it on the surface of the leather couch or sofa. Make sure to continuously rinse the cloth/sponge when necessary. It is recommended you work your way from to the top down so that you don’t have to do the process again and again.
  4. Drying
    To dry off the sofa, prepare another piece of clean dry cloth and wipe the sofa’s surface. Bear in mind that blowing or sun drying the sofa could lead to dehydrating the leather. You don’t want to see cracks on your furniture, right?
  5. Conditioning
    Pour a little bit of olive oil onto a piece of clean cloth and apply it on the surface of the leather couch and sofa in circular motions to retain its natural, stylish, shining look. Leave it on overnight.
  6. Wipe it Dry Again
    To dry the oiled sofa, use a piece of clean dry cloth and wipe the surface of the leather. This will make your sofa look new and shiny.

To retain the chic and stylish look of couches and sofas, you have to clean them once or twice a month.

How To Clean Leather Car Seats

As a car owner, one must consider the cleanliness of the car, inside and out. The dirt that remains on your leather car seats must be removed regularly. Cleaning your car seat will enable you to have a better ride with cleaner and fresher seats.
With the help of these easy to follow tips, you can clean your leather car seats properly and quickly.

  1. leather car seat photoDo not use oil-based products
    Using oil-based products, wax, and silicon may damage your leather car seats. Be careful not to use these materials to ensure your leather car seats stay in good condition.
  2. Vacuum
    Use a vacuum to clean out the dust and other small pieces of matter like crumbs, etc. If dirt is visible, remove it with your hands to save your equipment from heavy work.
  3. Apply a Cleaning Agent
    Use a laundry detergent to clean your leather car seats. Fill one bottle with a mixture of warm water and a teaspoon of detergent and fill another bottle with only warm water. Spray the soap onto your leather seat and lightly scrub with soft cloth. Then rinse by spraying warm water. Allow to dry.
  4. For Ink Stains
    To clean an ink stain on your leather car seat, spray the same solution on the stained spot and let it stay there for more than a minute. Use a dry rag to wipe it clean afterwards.
  5. For Grease Stain
    If you wish to clean a grease stain on your leather car seat, simply dust talcum powder or cornstarch on the grease spot.

Here is an awesome video demonstration on how to clean properly:

How To Clean Leather Steering Wheel

If your leather steering wheel has spots and dirt on it, there are some tips to clean your steering wheel nicely and easily.

  1. leather-steering-wheelPre-cleaning: Wipe with a Wet Towel
    To clean your leather-covered steering wheel, first, you have to get a wet towel and wipe it softly on the entire surface area. This is to soften the grime that has accumulated on your steering wheel, making it easier to clean.
  2. Use a Cleaner
    Use a cleaner of your choice (usually suggested by the retailer or manufacturer of your car). Spray a generous amount on a towel and rub it gently on the leather of your steering wheel. Apply to small sections at a time. Do this in back and forth movements. This is to make sure that you apply the cleaner evenly on the surface and avoid leaving untidy marks on it.
    Let it sit on your leather for a minute or more for a better outcome.
  3. Wipe the Leather
    Wipe the leather steering wheel with another towel and gently make your movement in a 360 degree circle in just one wipe. This is to remove the cleaner residue on your steering wheel.
    This is to ensure that you are cleaning the leather of your steering wheel evenly and with no spots left unattended.
  4. Final Touch
    With another clean wet towel, gently wipe off the other potential threats to your leather steering wheel. This makes ensures your steering wheel is not only shiny, but also look as good as new.

Here is a video demonstration on how to properly clean your leather steering wheel:



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