How To Clean Your White Converse Shoes [Easy Tips]

There is a saying that Says, “Good shoes take you to good places”

White canvas shoes are especially vulnerable to dirt and stains. The more you use them the more they get dirty, and once they get dirty, they are practically ruined.

Through the years, different shoe types and designs have been developed for various occasions and various fashion trends. One kind of shoe that will never go out of fashion is the white Converse sneaker.

The white Converse sneakers are considered all-time favorites because they are comfortable and complement any style of clothing. Whether you wear them with a modern twist or a classical style, they always look nice and fashionable.

However, it is also common knowledge that the color white gets dirty easily.

Having dirty shoes is not an acceptable reason to get rid of your favorite them, right?

So, just how do you clean your white converse sneakers without ruining them?

Tips on How To Clean Your White Converse Shoes

Here are a few tips on how to do this using some household items. These tips also apply to cleaning any other type of white canvas sneakers

cleaning white converse shoes
  1. Remove any traces of soil.
    Shake the shoes well to remove any traces of soil and other loose dirt. This is the initial cleaning step before you actually wash them with water. Use a soft brush to brush off any remaining dirt and soil.
  2. Check the sole.
    The sole is the most vulnerable part of any footwear. Since the sole of a Converse sneaker is made of rubber, you can use wet wipes, aka baby wipes, to clean the sole. You can get rid of any dark spots and make the shoes look even whiter.
  3. Clean the white Converse fabric
    The fabric of white Converse sneakers is the body and soul of the shoes. It is important to clean it thoroughly to make your shoes look brand new.
    Mix water and mild soap to wash off the dirt.
    Brush the mixture on the fabric to remove any dirt or stains.
    Use lukewarm water for better results.
    If the dirt cannot be easily removed, try adding a bit of ammonia to the mixture.
    Rinse the sneakers well with water.
  4. Dry them.
    It is important to know that when drying your shoes, you need to do it outdoors, in the shade and not in direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can turn the color of the fabric yellow and ruin its appearance.Drying it in a dryer is also not recommended since this will deteriorate or shrink your shoes.drying of shoes

The best way to make your Converse shoes last longer is to watch where you walk. Avoid stepping in puddles, mud, and walking on other dirty surfaces so you don’t have much cleaning to do. Washing your shoes from time to time is okay, but washing them very often might affect their quality.


Remember that every part of your everyday fashion is a reflection of your own personality.

Watch the video for another method using baking soda and vinegar.