New Bedford Market Basket

New Bedford Market Basket Store # (New Bedford State)

122 Sawyer St, New Bedford MA 02746

New Bedford Market Basket Phone: 508-992-3049

Store Hours: Monday thru Saturday: 7AM – 9PM, Sundays 7AM-7PM

New Bedford Market Basket Circular

Please use the phone number above and call New Bedford Market Basket Store. Ask for their ad circulars to be mailed to your home.
New Bedford Market Basket Circular

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Reviews of New Bedford Market Basket grocery store from around the web:

Posted on by Kim A

“Lots of selection and good prices. The deli counter can take a long time on weekends, so get your number and then shop!


Posted on by Deanna Lopes

“Best deals & great prices on everything! Get twice as much for your money @Market Basket then at any S&S…”

Posted on by Brian

“LET ME BE CLEAR – THIS IS THE BEST FOOD STORE ON EARTH… From their potato salad (amazing) to their cold cuts….just mind bogglingly awesome…I am moving away and am in the fetal position crying because I wont have Market Basket near me…”

Posted on by Marc

“Excellent store. My wife and I go together and it’s almost as much fun as a date…;-). Gets crowded during the weekend days but the aisles are pretty wide. Absolutely check out their hot foods. I always treat myself to some chicken wings while I’m there.”

Posted on by JessicaDeMilio

“Inexpensive, organized, friendly staff, clean and incredible variety”