Save Money on Groceries at Demoulas Market Basket

Is your grocery bill getting a little too big to handle? Demoulas Market Basket is a chain of supermarkets with 67 stores across the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. At least 5 more locations are planned to open within the next two years. Thousands of families save money on their groceries every week thanks to sales, everyday great deals, and coupons at all Market Basket stores.

Although the stores used to be known as just Demoulas, they underwent a name change, and are now known as “Market Basket.” Due to tradition and habit, however, you will see them still called “Demoulas” or “Demoulas Market Basket.” These stores have a long history; they evolved from a single mom-and-pop location into the large supermarket chain they are today.

Demoulas Market’s Kitchen

Many locations of Demoulas Market Basket have a Market’s Kitchen, where pre-prepared food can be purchased. Tasty meals like submarine sandwiches can be found there, as well as comfort foods and pre-made meals that you can take straight home to the family on nights when there isn’t enough time to cook. These supermarkets give you plenty of options, from fresh produce for homemade recipes to packaged and snack foods.

Demoulas Circular and coupons

If you’re the type who likes to be organized and thrifty for your daily shopping, check out the weekly circulars. Although Demoulas does not have an official website, we do compile links to the weekly flyers, and also to coupons. This is a benefit to thrifty shoppers: you never miss the latest Demoulas Market Basket news.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got cash to spare or are operating on a shoestring budget, you really can’t beat Demoulas for quality family grocery shopping. Many Demoulas stores have been recently renovated, or have moved into bigger buildings to better serve the neighborhood. Your local Demoulas Market Basket is probably bigger, brighter and better organized than ever! If you get hungry while stocking up on groceries, depending on the location, you can sample a taste of the exotic at the sushi counter.

Demoulas Locations

Unfortunately Demoulas Market Basket is only available in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire for now. Fans of the chain are eagerly awaiting news that the owners might expand, but for now the quality and excellence that is Demoulas is still confined to two states. Remember to check out our site ( for news, flyers and coupons to save yourself even more money.

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